Greetings from Sing Sing Can, a company that respect ​​people and nature.

Sing Sing Can, a manufacturer of new concept breathable airtight containers, produces containers for food and we are making efforts to provide consumers fresh and safe food content based on excellent technology and quality.

Food packaging is not only a thing to protect contents, but also a communication tool that delivers the images of the corporate or product directly or indirectly to consumers. With the use of high quality materials and transparent containers, Sing Sing Can’s products meet the needs of our customers.

In a situation that the safe food is getting more interested today, Sing Sing Can is producing and supplying new concept/innovative materials for our customer’s satisfying dietary life through thorough quality control and new product development based on excellent raw materials.

Believing that our mission is to meet the requirements of various customers, we are confident that we are pioneering new packaging markets through constant R&D and technology investment.

Sing Sing Can is doing our best with a mind to think our customers first.
We promise to keep making effort for our customers and improve all the times.

Thank you.

CEO Ki-Hyun Baek